• Miracle3:42
  • Out Here All Night3:20
  • Conquer Me3:28
  • Balmain3:54
  • On Canvas2:32
  • How Do Like Me Now2:46
  • Reverend's Child2:30
  • Lost4:30
  • Witches4:42
  • Where We Go From Here3:15
  • When You Live4:30

And we have good time too


Lets Make Records

I specialize in melodic songwriting & music production. Especially for singer/songwriters of all styles, rappers, and pop artists. If you have song, or just an idea for song, we can bring it to life using some the best recording gear & microphones available, at a very affordable price.

I think almost every writer has a gem hidden in the rough somewhere. What I do, is find it for ya.

When I was about 13, a music mentor of mine asked if I studied the music playing in elevators. With a typical teenage sensibility, I sort of shrugged it off like, "Nope. That's dumb."
But then he said, "Well man, you should. Because if a song is good enough to be stripped down to it's basic chords and melody, then that's as good song can get." He went on to strum a few chords of Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles, and asked if I knew what song it was. Obviously I did, even before the lyrical part began. If you haven't figured out where all this is going yet...A good song doesn't need a lot of tricks or production to make it work. And I've lived by that logic ever since.

So if you're a new writer, or just trying to write better songs, let me suggest taking your root chords and melody, and attempt to play them together on piano or a tonal instrument.

If it works like that, then you're set to go.